2019 Racers' Edge - Rules


Racers’ Edge Chair – Lanny Lowman

Autocross Event Chair – Marvin Maize/Mark Fetto

Drag Race Event Chair – Ken Rees

Open Road Race Event Chair – Pat Russell

Track Days Race Events Chair – Gary Moore

Major Rules Change for 2019 Racers Edge Program

The Racers Edge program format will be changed for 2019. There will be an overall Champion, Second and Third Place awarded at the end of year Awards Banquet. There will be 14 total events this year and the best 8 of those 14 will count towards the end of year awards. The following racing disciplines will still have their own champion as long as there are at least 5 participants per discipline. In the event there are not enough competitors per discipline, no overall trophies will be awarded for that discipline, although the Racers Edge Points earned while competing in these events will count towards the overall RE Champion award.

Autocross Racing (Best 4 0f 5 events)
Drag Racing (Best 4 of 5 events)
Open Road Racing (NORC & SSCC)
Track Days Racing (Single Day per Two Events)

Championship awards will be presented during the Annual LVCA Banquet.

Point System

Racers' Edge (RE) was created to get LVCA members involved in competitive driving events. The spectrum of events covered by the Racers' Edge Program includes, but is not limited to; bracket drags, matching time autocrosses, open road challenges, shootout index challenges, track days and various types of rallies and/or funkanas. We will do some combination of these during the year.

To qualify for RE points, you must be a LVCA member and drive or navigate a Corvette.

There is a fee of $40.00 for the whole year, payable at signup, or before RE points can be accrued for any event. Racers’ Edge trophies for individual events will be presented to winners at the next general membership meeting if possible; otherwise they will be awarded as soon as possible.

Anyone may compete in any event that we participate in, pay the event fee and are eligible for event awards, if that venue offers awards, but only LVCA Members who are entered in Racers’ Edge may win Racers’ Edge trophies and earn Racers’ Edge points. As an example, if you come out to the Bracket Drags and wish to compete, you will be competing in the Series Bracket Classification for your car, probably Sportsman, but not with the RE’s in our Bracket Series. This is similar to running at the SCCA Auto X. You sign up in the classification and can compete for event points or awards, but not RE Points.

Points for Individual Events

Racers’ Edge points are awarded, at any scheduled RE event, according to the RE Event specific rules and are not combined with the event’s specific points at any time. The points are awarded as follows:
1st = 12 points
2nd = 11 points
3rd = 10 points
4th =9 points
5th = 8 points
6TH= 7 Points
7Th or Lower=6 Points
Work an event, but not compete = 2 points

The number of RE trophies per event will be determined by the number of entries per event, as follows.

One trophy for 1 - 5 entrants, 2 trophies for 6 - 9 entrants, 3 trophies for 10 or more entrants.

The winners are determined by the criteria for each event. The highest placing RE participant will earn 1st place for the event, the second highest RE participant gets 2nd place, etc., even if they placed lower in the overall event. There may be multiple place winners.

The points will be tallied as follows:

• Autocross RE points will be in order of the closest two matching time trials as posted by the event promoter. Each MTT Auto X event will be counted as RE one event. (If you hit a cone, that run does not count)
• All Bracket Drag Racers will be members of Racers Edge. Bracket Drags RE points will be determined in the normal manner as in any other Bracket Drag Racing competition. The points will be awarded in the normal fashion in the elimination rounds. Racers Edge Bracket Drag Champion winner will be the person with the most Bracket Drag Racing Points. Refer to Bracket Drags notes for point’s configuration.
• Open Road Challenge points will be based on closest to perfect time as posted by the event promoters.
• RE Rally points will be based on the participant’s order of finish in the rally as compared to other RE participants and not their overall placement.
• Shootout points will be awarded based on the RE participant’s closest average to their selected index speed. That average will be based on the two closest runs to their selected index speed in 5 MPH increments. (Read this very carefully) Indexes may be changed, but no previous runs shall be counted. It is the participant’s responsibility to insure the RE chairperson has the correct information before and after the runs. We will have a combo round this year for the mile run which will include both days. Same rules apply upon selecting the index in this combo run as mile and one half runs. Competitors may stop counting each day’s mile and one half or two day mile combo by notifying the event chairman who will indicate same on the score sheet.

• Track Days points will awarded to the two closest timed runs as indicated by the Transponder timing system used at that track that you rent/own for that days event.

In events where there is a driver and a navigator (Open Road Racing or Rallies), if the driver and navigator are both participating in RE, they will both receive the same number of points and they will both receive a trophy if one is earned. There shall be no tie breakers in each individual event which means there may be multiple winners and second, third, etc., places.

Tie breakers for series or overall awards: 1st - The person that placed the highest, the first time the two tying competitors competed together at the same event. 2nd - The person that placed the highest, the second time when the two tying competitors competed together at the same event. 3rd --The person that accumulated the most overall points. 4th - High card draw.

Drag Race Series: Follow the Drag Racing Rules as posted.

Auto Cross Series: Lowest matching time of the series for the person's that tie.

**Changes and corrections to the schedule and rules that may occur during the year will be done at the discretion of the RE Chair after consulting with the Event Chairs.

Revised: December 19, 2918

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Chairman - Ken Rees

Assistant Chairman - Lanny Lowman


LVCA members will have the opportunity to compete in a 5 event drag racing series at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Strip. Only LVCA members that are entered in the Racer's Edge competition can compete. They will be awarded points for the Drag Racing Series and Racer's Edge competition..

Drag Racing Series Scoring

5 points – Participates in the time trials/Did not stage
10 points – Stages in the first round
10 points – Wins a round
10 points – Wins final round
5 points – best reaction time during the first round

Series Competition

The men and ladies will compete together.

The end of year total points will be based on the best four out of five drag racing events.

The Racer's Edge events will be scored in accordance with Racer's Edge rules

Event awards will be handed out at the track after the last race.

Series awards to be given at the LVCA Annual Banquet

An end of year tie will be decided by the first event in which the 2 competitors raced. The competitor that went more rounds wins the tie. If they won the same number of rounds, then the person who came the closest to the combination of their dial in and reaction time on the last round wins.


Clothing: long pants, covered shoulders, helmet (2010 or newer) and closed toe shoes.

Entry Fee: None

Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS) Drag Racing Entry Fee: $40.00

2018 Schedule

Drag Racing dates:

Sunday, Mar 18
Sunday, Apr 22
Sunday, Jun 3
Saturday, Sept 9
Saturday, Sept 29

Revised: January 22, 2018

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