Would you like to join us?

If you haven't done so yet, please, first take a moment to read about our club.


  1. You must be someone who wants to be actively involved with a fun group of people over the age of 21. You must be interested in having a great time with their Corvettes and their owners.
  2. You must be a registered owner of a Corvette. Please, submit a current copy of your owner's registration or title with your application. The Corvette does not have to be street drivable. The Corvette may also be leased.
  3. You must have attended no less than three (3) sanctioned club events with one of them being a club meeting. We are after new members who have a strong desire to get involved and be active participants in a variety of club events.
Spouses are welcome to join under the primary membership of the husband/wife.


  1. Contact the club's membership chairperson (currently Julie Cantonwine - click here to email her) to ensure that she has received your name and other pertinent information. She will assist you in meeting eligibility requirements.
  2. The following information, including membership fees, will be collected at one of the monthly meetings, which are held on the second (2nd) Thursday of each month, click here for the Membership Meeting page.
    1. Completed LVCA membership application. Click here for MS Word copy.
    2. A copy of your Corvette registration and/or title.


The total membership dues consist of three (3) fees:

  1. LVCA dues $58 annually (prorated by month)
  2. Initial application fee ($20.00 for plaque, name badge and club information)
  3. NCCC membership fee ($35.00 for event insurance - this fee is NOT prorated) ($10.00 for spouse if joining with husband/wife.)


  1. When you have become a member, your name and address will be given to the executive board members only. Your telephone number will be distributed to the executive board as well as the rest of the club membership. Also, you will get access to the Members' Only section of the website.
  2. The club produces a monthly newsletter called the Newsvetter. The current issue is available to anyone through this website. Past issues of the Newsvetter are available in the Members' Only section.